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In-person clinics can occur throughout the year. Spring, Summer and Winter Camps are all possible (during the week or weekends), depending on your group's needs. 

Workshops & Clinics


Marching & Movement Training

Visual Technique, Movement Training and Ensemble Skills

Program Coordination

Program and design consulting focused on planning, creating and editing your show concept


Add concept-specific choreography for your musicians that will enhance your program

Leadership Workshops

Includes materials and presentations to train your student leaders

Virtual Consultation

1. Establish a visual training program complete with daily exercises/routines that are easy to teach and rehearse

2. Maintain and provide feedback on your already established visual program to improve technique instruction and efficiency

3. Detailed feedback on drill design, staging, coordination of events, ensemble/individual achievement, choreography, etc.

4. Program Coordination & Design

5. Visual Coordination & Design

6. Weekly or Monthly Consultation Meetings as needed

There are a variety of areas for discussion and services I can provide, including:​

Video Conference Graphic.png

Consultations generally occur by telephone or conference call (audio or video) and are generally aimed at helping band directors and instructors.

All consultations will include Video Submission and Feedback,

including detailed notes. Cost will vary depending upon your needs.

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